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'Big Pumpkin' by Erica Silverman.
'Pumpkin Pumpkin' by Jeanne Titherington
*Cut out Pumpkin sequencing book and paste together.
*Make Pumpkin Pie
*add cornstarch to 2 different trays on table. Place yellow water and red water with pipetts.
*Tape down 2 different sized pumpkin cutouts onto playdough table. Place out black sparkely playdough. Add circles, triangels, and square cutters with child safe knives. Add sign that reads 'build a Jack-o-lantern'. Add pictures of real Jack-o-lanterns to wall.
*Orange and Black paint at the easle with Pumpkin shaped paper.
*Oatmeal in sensory tub (leftover from spiders...leave spiders in) and Add plastic pumpkins.

'Small Pumpkin' by
           'Picking Apples and Pumpkins' by Amy and Richard Hutchings
*Brainstorm ideas of what might be found at the pumpkin patch.
*go to the pumpkin patch
*After nap set out buckets of soapy water. Let kids wash their pumpkins.

'5 Little Pumpkins sitting on a gate'
*Review what we actually saw at the Pumpkin patch compared to our list of predicted ideas
*Review the sequence of the days events.
*Write about, and illustrate the days events.
*Graph our pumpkins in weight and size.
*Measure pumpkins circumfrence with a string.
*What else is as long as your pumpkin is round?
*5 little pumpkins sitting on a gate poem and activity.
     Activity: Large black construction paper. Popsicle sticks. glue. Little Pumpkins. and anything else that might go out with the gate. I also added green ceder shavings and cotton balls. Let children study a wooden gate outside and have them create their own with the popsicle sticks. They can add the other items as they wish. Have them count out 5 pumpkins to add to gate. Add the poem to the page.

*Read: 'Pumpkin Heads!' by Wendell Minor
*What kind of Pumpkin face will your pumpkin have? --Graph
*Pumpkin face Puppets
*The letter Pp book they put together.
*Tracing the letter Pp.
*Painting the pumpkins we got at the pumpkin patch

Read 'The Runaway Pumpkin' by Kevin Lewis
'Pumpkin Soup' by Helen Cooper
*Mini Thumbkin Pumpkin Pies for snack
Crust 2/3 cup oil1/3 cup milk 2 cups flour
Filling follow side of can
Give each child a few 1" balls of dough and have them insert their thumbs to make the hole. Using a small cup of filling have them pour the filling into the hole. Bake and enjoy.
*Making Pumpkin Soup for lunch

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