Monday...At the Playdough table we are putting the different colors together to make sandwiches. We are working on the letters A,N, and T. There are little pretend ants in the block area, and we are trying to make picnic tables with the blocks for the people to sit at. Those ants keep climbing on the tables!
In the
sensory tub there is confetti and different "foods" that the kids find to put into their picnic basket. If they find an ant they need to empty their picnic baskets and start over.
In the math area we are counting ants and making patterns with picnic food.
In the literacy corner there are mini picnic tablecloths with letters written on them. The children need to find the matching letter and place it on top.
At the
writing table there are sun stamps and food stickers. We will be making picnic stories.
In the dramatic play area I have set out specific picnic foods, 2 picnic baskets, tablecloths, and of course, some pretend ants!

Tuesday....We read "Jamberry" and then smashed blueberries to make our peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
At the easel I am trying to get the kids to create an ant. 3 circles and lines for the legs and antennas. During circle time I held up different items that were in the picnic basket. Each child took a turn telling a story about the item I held up. We had a camera, sandwich, chicken, swimsuit, drinks, etc...On Friday I will compile the stories and make them into books for the children to decorate and bring home to read...We roller painted using different purples.

Wednesday....We were on a hunt for Ants. We found some and brought them in to add to the science area.
Outside we filled up some big tubs of water and gathered a bunch of things to see what would float and what would sink. We even used a watermelon. The children were amazed that the watermelon did float! We then cut it open for lunch! We played picnic lotto and the memory game. At the playdough table we tried rolling the playdough into snakes and made the letters A, N, and T. We also collaged the letters A, N, and T onto a piece of paper and watercolored over the whole thing.

Thursday...We had a watermelon game today. I had 3 picnic plates with a whole watermelon, a half watermelon, and a quarter watermelon. I had matching pieces to go along with it and they needed to match them up. We also put together the halves and the quarters to make whole watermelons.

Friday....Here is a picture of an Ant that was created using juice lids, pipe cleaners, wiggly eyes, colored plastic pieces, and lots of glue!!! At circle we made a story about an Ant named Katie and this is her. We did a lot of picnicking today....they packed and unpacked, and packed and unpacked, and packed and unpacked the picnic basket all morning!!!
A 2 year old vs....
A 4 year old.
The Story of Katie the Ant......
Once upon a time there was an Ant. Her name was Katie. Katie was at the store eating watermelon. Then she went home and ate some bread. she had to open the door so she could get into her house. She went to her room and practiced her music. She plays the banjo. She uses one of her legs and she is good. Katie is a big Ant. She has tiger shoes on her feet and went to the store to buy some bread and ate it in the car. She made a tent because she was camping. She brought food with her. She brought cake, and vegetables, and salami, and watermelon. Next she ate and then she went to sleep. The End!