Week 2
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Today we worked more with the letter D. We read the poem 'Over in the Meadow' and looked for all the Dd's. We played Dino memory....quite a few times, and at the art table I set out Dinosaur shapes with clear plastic pieces, pom-poms, glitter glue and eyes. Check out  the different varieties to your right. We are working on memorizing the song...'there is a dinosaur in my backyard'. 
I got out the hot tray today. We used velum with outlines of dinosaurs. We painted with different color browns, and they could add white or black. We hopped along the big dino feet trail throughout the room and threw beanbags into T-rexs mouth!!
We roller painted today. I have 4 mini paint rollers that I set out. Each one has a different color and different patterned print. They like to roll, and roll, and roll! At the light table there were dittos of dinosaurs and paint dobbers. At first I felt very limited with the light table and now I am finding all sorts of ideas for it! It is a very different effect from just setting stuff out on a regular table. We played dinosaur hide and seek. I would hide the big dinosaurs around the room and they would search for them.
Soooooo, today we started breaking down the room for the next theme. The kids were not very interested anymore...and I had some special helpers here to help me. Our room is turning into an ocean of Sea Life. This is one of my favorite themes and I was anxious to get going. The kids have really enjoyed having Jamie (8) and Jessica (11) here to play with this week, and I have enjoyed their company and help!!! We did create streams and rivers today outside...it is one of the big kids favorites. I don;t let them do it too often because it is a waste of water but so much learning is going on and great memories are being made!! We will probably be making more rivers tomorrow and finishing up on our ocean transformation. Have a great weekend!!!