Week 2
Dinos in the dirt.....sensory tub.
Monday the kids had a great time exploring the room for all the different dinosaurs that were around. We did not have circle time today. I didn't want to disrupt the children busy in their exploration.The loved the painting....I think Lainey made about 8 paintings....They won't all go home. They started their books....Did anybody notice the stamps on arms? I put the slide up again today. The kids went crazy...I forgot how important that slide is in the room!!!
In the Messy room.............
At the easle all the colors are out and I have drawn a simple outline of a T-rex for them to paint in or around.
The light table has plastic see through cut outs of different dinosaurs. They can over lap them to change the colors.
At the writing table there are footprint stamps and dinosaur stickers and pre-made books.
The playdough table has dinosur bones and skeletons for making fossils, brown playdough, rollling pins, picks, popsicle sticks, and dinosaur cookie cutters.There are also Dd stamps.
At the round art table I set out big sponges shaped like dinosaur footprints, green and orange paint, and green paper. my hope here is for them to see green and orange make brown.
Tuesday...We got a new kitten!!!! He was a little distracting today so we did not do much with the dinosaurs. His name is Jack and he loves the kids. The home that he came from has a 2, 4, and 9 year old, so he is plenty used to having kids around!
Pravir is painting the Dinosaurs
In the other half.........
Wednesday...We got out the big dinosaurs and painted them. This isn't a take home project but the kids really like it. I will leave it out for the rest of the week and they can come back to it whenever....On friday we can give them a bath!
A dinosaur matching game is set out on one of the tables. We roll a die and they count the dots and match the number of dinos rolled to the dinos on the board.
We also have
graphing set out. There is a bucket of different colored dinos with 6 different shapes and they can graph them by shape or color....there are 2 blue and 3 red, how many all together?
There are
big dinosaurs in the block area.
In the sensory tub there is dirt, rocks, sticks, and dinosaurs.
There are dinosaur puppets in the
home-living area and we are going to build ourselves a cave here.
There are tons of dino
books throughout the room, fiction and non-fiction.
And at the flannel board we have flannel dinos to go along with counting, songs, and making up stories with.
Thursday...At circle time today we talked about carnivore vs. herbivore. The dinosaurs that ate meat had what kind of teeth?...Who would win the fight between T-Rex and Triceratops?...The Brontosaurus is my favorite dinosaur....which one is yours?
Friday...Today I set out cookie cutter dinosaurs, paint, and tracing paper on the light table. Very cool effect. We walked up to the school today to play on the big toy up there. Anushka, Pranav, and Alyssa rode in the wagon. Lainey and Isabelle were great helpers by helping me push up the hills and Camille met us up at the school. After nap we are going to give the dinosaurs a bath outside and clean them up sparkely!!
Have a great weekend!!!
Look hard.....this is Pranav printing dinosaurs at the light table. You can see his face in the mirror.
Anushka making prints at the light table.
Week 2