Our Creative Centers
I create different centers that are open for exploration throughout the classroom. These centers change weekly/daily along with the theme. The children work cooperatively to reach developmental milestones and school readiness through exploring, experimenting, and repetition.
Creative Arts....This is huge in my center. Each child learns color and how to make colors, texture, design, and motor control. They learn through doing and exploring. The easel is always accessible and I rotate different small activities like the melting tray, chalk boards, salt trays, bingo daubers etc. We also have our project of the day to go along with the theme.
Language is throughout the room. It's where literacy and early reading skills start. It's on the walls using words, in the reading corner with books, at the writing table, and between the children during their conversation and, yes, even arguments. These experiences enhance communication, listening skills and self-control.

Math, Manipulatives, and Science....This is where your child learns about numbers, problem solving, order, serializing, and patterning. They also are using their fine motor skills which come in handy with writing. I usually have some live animal in the science area for the children to observe. We also have a variety of magnets, magnifying glasses, flashlights, plants, and weights.

Sensory Wet and Dry....This area enhances the math and science  by allowing the children experiences with mixture, touch, consistency, measurement, volume, I change this area at least once a month. Some of the different materials that you will find here are, water, rice, flour, oatmeal, beans, and dirt.

Block Building....This teaches your child about shape, dimension, size, construction, balance, and construction. When the children are working together they are using their language skills. I also rotate things like block people, cars, animals, rocks, etc.

Music and Movement....Lets your child experience creativity, patterns, melody, as well as builds large motor skills.

Dramatic Play...This is all about the world of pretend, self identification, family, and community. This is a place for children to act out what is happening in their world. A safe place to pretend to be a mommy, daddy, baby, monster, meanie, princess, etc.

Writing Table.....The children love to "write" letters to their friends and mail them in the mailbox over in the dramatic play area. They make books and draw pictures using colored pencils, crayons, pens, and chalk. They have access to stamps and pads, punches, watercolors, and stickers. Early writing skills are happening here!

Listening Center.....The children enjoy listening to books on tape/CD. The center is equipped with enough headphones for all to enjoy. They can use this area during free choice or we might use this as a group. Some of the stories stay at this area for repetition and each week we get new stories to go along with the theme. I am working on having parents record stories at home for children to listen to here.

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