At the Circus
The Book Corner
Harold's Circus by Crockett Johnson
Olivia saves the circus by Ian Falconer
Clowns on Vacation by Nina Laden
Circus Caps for Sale by Esphyr Slobodkina
Circus Train by Jos. A. Smith
Sidewalk Circus by Paul Fleischman and Kevin Hawkes
Circus performers by Heinemann
Craft Ideas Click Here to view pictures
Clown hats....Roll paper up into a funnel. Add pom poms to top and pipe cleaners around the bottom for a chin strap. Let children decorate with pens, glitter, stickers, or whatever else they think they need.

Paint faces!!...Or give them a mirror and let them paint their own or each others faces. Watercolor crayons work great! Just dip them into water and paint faces. Washes off super easy!

Clown faces....Have pre-cut circles (older children can cut them out)  for children to add the following items to: Make-up; lipstick, eye shadow, blush with brushes, eye pencils; Pre-cut felt hats, pom poms, buttons, yarn, doll hair, ribbon, and lots of glue. They may need a larger piece of paper to put their head onto if they want to add a body.

Clown paper bag puppets....All of the above items along with the paper bags.

Small water balloons blown up and used to paint with.

Fill small water balloons with sand. Paint with them. You can also set up an area outside where the kids can drop the sand filled balloon while standing on a chair. What happens?

Math/Science/Small Motor skills
Peanuts for the elephant....Draw a picture of an Elephant on a peice of heavy cardstock. Cut out a small hole near the  Elephants mouth. Adhere this to a small sturdy cardboard box. Put another small box or basket in front and fill with peanuts. Have the children use small pincers to place the peanuts into the elephants mouth. Click here for picture.

Counting Circus horses....Cut out 10 horses using 5 different colors out of felt. Use these on the flannel board for counting and matching.

Counting Circus clowns....Create 10 fabulouse clowns out of felt, buttons, material, etc....Make 5 clowns different and 5 the same as the others. Use on the flannel board for matching and counting.

How many horses?.....Cut out pictures of horses from an equestrian magazine.

Circus puzzles. You can find some good old ones on ebay or make your own if you can't find them.
Dramatic Play/Large Motor/Sensory Tub
Paint a clown on a large cardboard box. Cut a large hole to the side of him, a smaller hole in one of his buttons, and one on his knee. Add beanbags.

Blow up small waterballoons and use the small plastic tennis/badmitten rackets to hit the balloons. Don't let them hit the ground!

Bubbles! Blow lot's of bubbles.

Add soap,  some hand egg beaters, and whippers to your water table.

Add sets of tin cans with strings like stilts, so the children can walk tall!

Set up a toll booth with paper money (I sometimes use checkers...they love them!)So they can take money to get into the circus.

Set up hula hoops on the ground (you have to tape them down) They can use these to do different acts in them.
Ela fun....The elephant game that shoots butterflies out and the kids have to catch them in their net.
Small wading pool full of plastic balls! Crazy, but fun!.....just like micky D's!
Writing Table
Write stories about funny clowns....Where do you think clowns go on vaction? (after reading clowns on vacation)

Orange books with the letter Cc for Circus on the front.
Look through magazines and try to find the letter Cc.

Orange playdough with glitter!
Yellow and red glitter paint at the easel.